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A quick back story.

I had a fishing pole in my hand before I could talk and fished from my father's john boat, nearly daily, until I was 13. I haven't seen my dad since I was 13 and had lost that part of my life.

Now, I'm 40. I've wanted a bass boat my entire life and have never lost the itch to be on the water since I was a kid (and can't stand bank fishing). I now have a 7 and 4 year old (daughters) and a wife who likes to fish.

I'm finally in a position where I can buy a boat. Its definitely the wrong time, it seems, as I also need a truck. Trucks AND boats are very limited and grossly over priced due to demand and chip production.

I've been searching for boats in the 30 to 40k range and honestly, it's very hard for me to understand what manufacturers are better than the others, how big of a trolling motor I should get, electronics (are they really that important?), etc. YouTube is full of bias videos or young kids who are showing their first boat purchase.

I will confess that I've never been on a bass boat and I don't have anyone in my group of friends who fishes so I don't really have access to learn from someone directly. I don't know about maintaining a boat, storing a boat or even how to tow a boat/launch a boat.

I'm a boat beginner. I am and will continue to research all of this before strapping a boat to a truck and just sending it. Until then, I'm looking looking advice from you seasoned guys.

Looking for reasons why you chose the manufacturer you went with, what options should be avoided or upgraded and really, what is a solid boat with good options for a family of 4 but will mostly be me fishing alone (or finding a buddy to take with me). Also a boat that can tow a tube occasionally for the kids when they don't want to fish.

I'm hoping to be in the market at the end of the summer or end of the year in hopes the truck market may come down a bit (unlikely) but I want to be prepared to buy before the end of the year if the market stabalizes.

Any advice is welcome and if anyone is willing to take a stowaway on a bass boat that doesn't mind questions, I'd be grateful. I'm more than willing to pay for gas, help with loading/launch/whatever so I can learn before I drop a bunch of cash.

I appreciate any help or guidance and even potentially meeting some folks from this group.

I live in Fuquay-Varina so I'm close to Jordan and Harris lake. Thanks for reading this lengthy post. And thanks ahead of time for any advice you can share.
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