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Bass kayak tournaments in nc?

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Just did my first one ever this past Sat in Raleigh. Are there other ones you know of besides the river bassin trail?
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Facebook "CKA'' and "Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing". Both great trails.
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The hardcore stuff in the Charlotte area hunt fish paddle nckfa stuff there are alot of tournaments available in person and online
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All the ones already mentioned by Abert and Froggy!!!
Vinny runs a great trail in and around the Charlotte area - Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing, think he's still on here... phantom**** or something like that. He has a great Facebook page with all the info on his upcoming tourneys. I think his next is August 15th on the Catawba River on the SC side.

Mark Patterson runs NCKFA and they have a few tourneys throughout the year and an on-line tourney that rotates between different salt and freshwater species from month to month, usually March - November. Great group and they have great website and forum at

And we have CKA - Carolina Kayak Anglers that I am a part of. We do monthly tourneys starting up in March and run through our finale in September. Our next event is on Lake James August 8th. Just finished up our July tourney on Tuckertown Lake yesterday!!! Look us up on Facebook or check out the website

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You already mentioned River Bassin but I figured I'd remind you guys there is a River Bassin event in Winston this weekend. Maybe we'll see some of you guys out there!
Hey man. I'm QCKBF. Shoot me a text or call me. I don't use this site much anymore.
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