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Bass On Flies

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I got the chance to try some of my flies, this morning. They may not be pretty but , they caught some fish. I caught twenty-some bass on what are normally considered Saltwater Patterns ;Black & Blue Popper, Chartuese/White Deceiver, Char/White Clouser, Crease Flies and a Good Ol' Wooley Bugger. What great fun on a Fly Rod. BTW my friend caught his on a Plastic worm:rolleyes: .


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you will notice that some of the rattiest flies ( not saying your flies are ratty) catch most of the fish. I think it's that it makes it look Buggy. nice catch:)
backlash--- Wouldn't worry about the pretty part. As the saying goes "If it works don't knock it". You can't argue with a caught fish. Way to go!

Later, Forrest
Nice pics. Looks like a good day.
Nice fish for sure. I wouldn't mind having that big bluegill on a plate in front of me right now. That water looks like a good place for a whitlock's eelworm but if I were catching fish like that, I would have to be hard pressed to change from what was working.
Hi backlash,
I'm new to this forum but have been fly fishing in carolina all of my life, first around Craven county and in the last 20 years the western trout streams.
I now have a boat and would like to get a bass on the end of the line. within an hour or two from Charlotte is there a good plase to be with a fly rod. I will shear info on western trout streams.
wait till winter when the temps fall into the 30's-40's head to the hwy 150 launch on norman during the week is at it's best.. a streamer resembling a shad would slay.. the marshell steam plant hot hole. will have tons of bass and striper moving thru it every day just fish it along the rip rap..

i also spent the better part of 20 years fly fishing in the streams/rivers of western ny. many smallies and a few large mouth have fallin to my bugs..

What is the marshell steam plant hot spot, where?
the hot hole is straight across from the hwy 150 launch. it flows down stream for up to a mile or better it bumps against the rip rap in moving waves-not always the same place- watch your temp gauge and chunk like mad when it hits 50+

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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