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beaufort inlet 8/11?

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Anyone venturing out this Saturday? I've read that the dolphin, wahoo, and sailfish bite is hot offshore. Thinking about venturing out to the 14 bouy area 25 miles or so. Seas look like 2-3' at the latest report. Has anyone fished this area in the last week or so? Also, If any boats want to team up and head out, let me know. If you're tentative about fishing offshore, the buddy system is the way to go. Thanks for any info. I'll post how we do regardless.

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Yes i will be going out saturday hope to venture to NW places Big ten or little ten. give ashout always glad for the company .
13 bouy area might be a good bet as well. Mahi are close in as well as sails/kings.
Larger mahi/wahoo should be hot around the 90 drop (SW and SE from there should be good).

Good luck, post up a report!

Things that have been working good are lures in the pink/white combo (i.e. Aliens or Zooker feathers). Skirted or unskirted ballyhoo's.

Water being warm like it is..trolling 7-9 mph might pay off.. check baits frequently (hoo's or trolled squid), if gettin bit but no hook ups, vary speed.

Good luck and post up a report!
Thanks for the info. guys. I've always had good luck with blue/white and pink/white, and black/purple islanders and aliens. I'll keep my eyes on the weather report. I'll look you up russell, what's the name of your boat. We'll at least be at the cape if it's blowing offshore.

This may be good for another thread, but what is your thresh hold for heading offshore. For me, if seas get over 4' it's not a fun day unless the boat is at least 30'.
It definately depends on the boat, but what seas will you guys "call off" an offshore trip?
I'm in a 19' CC, anything over 4' and I stay inside the inlet.
I have a 24 ft maycraft and anything over 4 to 5 ft it just not fun the boat can handle more than i can . the name on the boat is Reel thang monitor chanel 68. see ysall on the water.
Ya bunch of whimps! :p Arrrrr,, it aint fishin maties if'n it's easy! :D (jus foolin with ya's) ;)

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Dave--- I like that up hill fishing.:) I took my brother out one day when it got to kicking up 7 -8 footers-- when we got back in I had to close the blinds in the living room-- he couldn't even look at the water in Core Sound without getting sick.
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Dave - If I had that boat of yours, I'd be out there too. That 25 footer can handle the stuff - I know - I been there with ya in similar conditions.
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Thanks Forrest, I'm still laughing. I was an electronics tech when I was in the Coast Guard. One of the other techs couldn't go aboard a docked 95' on a slick calm day without immediately getting queasy. He would only last about 3 min. before he had to hit the gangplank. He was a good tech but we had to use him as a gopher when working on anything sitting in the water. Some folks just have a very low tolerance for motion. I'll admit my first couple of times out on a bigger vessel were less than pleasant at times. My first time out on the Chilula they sent all the new guys up to the fo'csle to straighten up the paint locker as soon as we cleared the Dock. Of course there were some steep fourteen footers just outside the jetties. I passed the test...but just barely.
Youch.. I know it's almost worse the bigger the boat.. when you see that much real estate movin.... that's when it gets me. I know on my boat it's like one two BANG yer up in the gunnel... on someone like Rick's boat (12 ft. beam) you pick up a little speed with a few more steps before ya hit the gunnel!! ha ha ha hah ....

I couldnt imagine what them Coasties and Navy boys see.... but they got the "big" boats to go out in that... I guess you get used to it over time...
Certainly a different motion for sure Forrest..

never needed dramamine in the gulf of Mexico... dont take a thing... been out in 8's - no problem.

Atlantic? PoooooWEEEEHAAAAAA!!!! PoooowwwwWWWWeeeHAA!!! (sounds like a shot sea turtle...), dramamine is always in my gameplan... I simply dont go out in it enough to beat the queezzzz
Sounds like I need to fish with some of you guys! That's one area where I've been pretty lucky. As long as I'm not scared of getting thrown out of the boat I'll be fine. Still, it's hard to fish when you can't even stand up!
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Sounds good to me Mower,, let's hook it up then one time here in the next month or so.

I think two more trips out for the season then I'll be winterizing.. (gotta start scouting and land prep for huntin season Oct).

Would ya be in for a trip out?
I've been underwater on the bridge of that 205' in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact about the only thing that might have been above water was the radar and a couple of antennas. Not just one or two waves but each and everyone for hours. Just to give you an idea of what that is like....after a couple of hours of holding on to the wheel I went below to get some coffee for myself and another guy. Only filled them 3/4 full... Had to climb verticle ladders with coffee in hands... Not real easy...So on the last ladder I just stepped up at the appropriate time and hopped with the remaining foot just enough to clear the deck as it fell away and was up on the bridge without spilling a drop. Later after the coffee was gone I was watching the radar not holding on to anything when the helmsman got a little lax and let us get a little broadsided and I wound up flying thru the air and landing on the opposite side of the bridge. The Capt. had been sound asleep below us and he was on the bridge in about 45 seconds wondering what happend to cause all of those splinters to rain down on him. There was a steel deck between me and that wood ceiling....
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I'm always in for a fishing trip. Never gone out of Wrightsville. I've done most of my fishing our of Morehead. Doesn't look too good for this weekend. The weather keeps changing and the seas getting bigger.

Looks like we'll be inshore Saturday!
Pucker factor for sure Al....:eek:

Welp, let me plan a trip. I got my buds that want to go and need to get that trip knocked out the way then I'll plan one more to get ya out there with us Mower.

Yeah, I'm inland myself this weekend... callin for thunder storms and some winds plus with it being hot, might not be too bad,, but the lightning... that's what scares me.

Troll'm up Mower!! lookin forward to the report ;)

We like to fish 14 and 90 Ft when weather permits. We're a 21ft Parker named DRxug Money. See ya out there and good luck.

-Rx Money
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Well, I promised I'd report. The weather was much better than the experts forecast. Everything we read said it would be blowing, so we didn't even bring the ballyhoo. It was a good 3'-4' with some 5's mixed in. We stayed just off diamond shoals slow trolling pogeys, and cast the gotcha plugs at a few schools of bait we happened upon. Got into some nice schools of spanish but they didn't like what we were offering. One of our crew got pretty sick, so we headed in to port early around noon or so.(not sure if it was seasickness or a case of late night at the Beach Tavern)

Boated 1 small king 27", some bluefish and spanish.

Saw a lot of boats right outside of beaufort inlet as we headed back in. Seemed to be working a school or something. Must have been 10-15 boats pretty concentrated.

On a side note, we headed inshore from shakelford out through barden inlet. Is is just me or has the channel behind shakelford's gotten even narrower? Also passed a few markers covered by road construction barrels. I'm probably just rusty but it's no party back there unless you know where you're going.
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