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Last saturday, I decided to take a quick trip down to Beaufort and fish the Haystacks. As I was about to put in at the boat ramp, an older gentleman with a clipboard spoke to me and advised me to watch out for the idiots who apparently can't read the "NO WAKE" signs around the ramp area. I made it across safely and fished a while. My secondary mission was to see if the small "USA owned" island near the marshes was "campable" (It was not) I ended up with one small trout and hooked either an eel or ribbon fish one the troll back to the boat ramp. As I neared the ramp, sure enough, just like the old guy said, I saw several boaters blast off from the ramp at full speed. I hollered at one, but of course, he didn't hear me...but apparently the next guy to take off did, or either he had good sense to begin with. He motored out slow.

What I got a kick out of was, as I grounded at the ramp, there were a couple of young ladies on the dock eyeing me curiously as I dragged my kayak out of the water. They were waiting as their menfolk struggled to launch a boat off the trailer. They staired intently as I tilted my 'yak on its side, and attached my wheels to the scupper holes and walked out with the 'yak in tow in a matter of seconds. At the top of the ramp, a young guy and his family was getting out of thier car. He was also stairing at me in fascination. He finally spoke and said, "That's cool, dude!" Those two incedents kinda made my day of fishing, even with an empty cooler!

My boss and I are headed back down tomorrow for another try.
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