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All depends on the weather - just kiddin'.

March is very unpredictable but it's likely to be on the windy side, whether cold or warm (probably cold). Mid to late April is the time I start gearing up for the season but the water temps really determine the migration of fish along the banks, beaches, and inside. Then again April's weather can be fickle too - if memory serves me well, most of our snow (the few that we get) typically come in April. Not sure what your situation is but were I to be planning a fishing trip to this area, I'd hold off till late May, early June and better yet, mid-June when everything starts to fire up.

To answer your last question - No, but you have to be able to find the few fish that may be around here, usually in the warmest water you can find, then you have to present something to them that they want to eat. But then, that 'bout sums up most fishin', I guess.

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