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Launched around 8:00 from the Old Weaver Road access. The day started off calm and I worked my way along the shoreline to the left of the cove over to the official launch ramp area. Very few large fish breaking the surface, and could not buy a hit on the spinner or roadrunner I was tossing. Made it as far as the cove past the beach and played around there for a bit, then started home.

Evidently I waited about 1/2 hour too long. Clouds rolled in and the front came through. Real exciting run back across the lake to where I had launched against the wind. Hi Winds, white caps, rollers, etc. Could not believe how stirred up the lake got. Took some water over the bow, not too bad though, and as long as I kept the bow into or at an angle into the waves the boat did fine.

A canoe that launched the same time I did but went toward the bridge made it back as I was pulling out. Three kayaks I passed on the water had been heading with the wind, so assume they made it somewhere safe. Pretty sure their SUV was the one getting the ticket by the Ranger as I loaded up, they parked inside the guard rails instead of out on the road.

One foot chop is a heck of a lot different in a kayak than in a 20' CC. Will have to monitor weather more, then again is was supposed to be a clear day.
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