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Hit the water for a bit before the storm today. Tried and tried with the topwater for a long long time. Probably longer than I should have... Then I finally switched over to an MR17 808 and picked up a couple really small trout pretty quick and then nothing for a while. Ran around to a few different spots and couldn't manage to locate any fish so I came back to the spot I caught the spikes at and started casting the MR again. I was only a few casts in when I felt several rapid bumps and then a hard hit. Rods slams over and drag starts screaming. As the fish was coming in I got a quick glance of him from pretty far away and I was thinking "Did I really just see stripes?". In he comes and sure enough its a black drum with a MR in his face. Didn't see that one coming for sure but its a great motivator to get looking for that next pull. Fished hard until the wind ran me off the water. Threw the MR again right by the launch as I was coming in and picked up the trout .

Location: sneads ferry
Water temp: 70*
NE WINDS blowing hard 14-20mph
3-6 feet of water
Trout was holding over the edge of a dropoff
Drum was caught on a large 3ft flat


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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