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every now and again i happen up on an idea that may work for salt water fishing.. a friend of mine posted this on a bass forum.

I caught 2 on a chatterbait last evening. I take the skirt off and replace it with a Zoom Fluke. Until I did that I never caught a fish on one. The fluke blade combo has a real interesting action. Ky spotted bass and Smallmouth really eat them up. I have caught some largemouth but more spots and smallies. If you fish one check your knot real often. The action of the bait wears the knot.

why could you not use one of these heavy vibrating baits with say a "new penny" fluke or a doa shrimp on it for inshore fishing?? i have a couple chatter baits i would be willin to send to some one crazy enough to try it..what ya say speck hunter ?ya looking to go out side the box for trout??

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