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Dropped the boat in the water around 5pm and fished til about 8:30. I didn't even turn my electronics on but water temps have to be up in the 70's, the water would have been warm enough to swim in.

Anyways, only caught 1 dink on a ned rig but the purpose of posting was to seek some feedback from folks who fish this lake. I found one spot where there were multiple 2-3 pounders cruising in about 3-4 feet of water....I'm guessing post-spawn fish.

But they would not hit anything I threw at them. I tried a 4" fluke, TRD on a ned rig, a senko, a jig, and a kvd square bill. The TRD at least caught their eye but they didn't even pause at it, just kept swimming by it.

Any advice here?
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