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Bertie County Fishing?

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Hey I have to travel to Wallace in Bertie County on Business this weekend and am wondering if there is a good spot to go fishing(from Shore) in the area. No specific species just would like to get in a few hours in a different location.
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Didn't know Bertie Co. had a place named Wallace. There is a town in Duplin co. named Wallace.
Uh oh I better get a better map, you are correct I will be in Winsor and Lewisville Woodville and Alaunde which is I thought in , ok :eek: so let me try again I will be in the Winsor area. Any suggestions.
Lol.... Wallace I could help with, Windsor I can't sorry - don't get up that way much.
I'm glad you caught that, or else I would have gotten many recomendations on places I would never find there.
Well better than going to Wallace when you are suppose to be in Windsor:)

Ok folks - Anybody familiar with some bank fishing up in Bertie County near Windsor?
You have the Roanoke to the South, Chowan to the Northeast, and the Albemarle Sound to the East. I'ld say you could find somewhere to go. You'll probably be close to one of them at some point.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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