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Best Public Access Point for Surf Fishing - Bogue Banks

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Long time fisherman, first time poster. Grew up in Greenville and spent countless hours fishing the beaches along Emerald Isle, Salter Path and Atlantic Beach.

Heading down to Morehead City tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking to do some surf fishing over on Bogue Banks. In the past I've purchased a beach access permit and driven on the beach, but I'm looking to simplify this time. I know there are dozens of public access points along the beach, but I'm looking for one where the walk to the surf isn't as long (I don't have a cart and I'll have my eleven year old son). I've done the rock jetty at Fort Macon before and that was a serious hike. Does anyone have any opinions on which public access points are the best or most convenient (I know those are two different things)?

Thanks for the help.
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Welcome aboard, we are glad to have you. I don't surf fish very often and when I do I usually go to Fort Macon. If you walk back up the road you drove in on and then go up the trail at the gate down to the beach it's a pretty close and easy walk.
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Where the Old Iron Steamer pier in Pine Knoll Shores sounds like it's best suited for what your looking for. Very short walk, plenty of parking plus there's some fish attracting structure there.
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Here's a link to several maps that cover public beach access points from Fort Macon to Emerald Isle West;

In all honesty I believe the best fishing will be at Fort Macon. But you're right it is a bit of a walk. From the main parking lot there's a trail head, if you take the path to the right that will take you to the rock jetty. The path to the left more so towards the inlet. With all that being said your best second option would be the Fort Macon pavilion. It is very near the main entrance to the State Park. It has picnic areas, rest rooms, and beach access. There's a small rock jetty there that usually holds some fish. If I had a small child and didn't want to "rough it" then that's where I would go. I hope this helps.

PS: The Fort Macon park opens at 8:00 AM
For Fort Macon this is the way I was saying to go. It's a much closer and easier walk than the trail. Water Water resources Ecoregion Natural environment Coastal and oceanic landforms
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For Fort Macon this is the way I was saying to go. It's a much closer and easier walk than the trail. View attachment 66151
Trigger, the path to the right parallels the road coming in. I think it's fairly new because it wasn't there last time I was in the area. It's hard compacted sand and wasn't a problem for my beach cart + it keeps you off the road. But yes, the road is an option to get there.
I have also been to the spot Trigger recommends and will add another echo - the walk from the parking lot up the road is really easy going. You are in the park and there are people nearly constantly out on the road so the traffic is slow moving; I walked on it with my kids and felt reasonably safe as far as traffic goes.

It's hard to beat Ft Macon for variety - surf, jetty, cut and sound all within walking distance.
Thanks everybody. I'll be sure to post a fishing report and let you know how it goes.
Reporting back. Ended up fishing the old Iron Steamer access point. It was as advertised - close to the water, restroom facilities, old wreck just off the beach. Unfortunately the conditions weren't favorable and the warm water temps meant a lot of smaller fish still in the surf to take your bait. Ended up with just a small black drum and a couple of small pompanos. Still a great time with my son and much better than a day at the office! Thanks for the help.
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What time does the park close?

Coming down there Saturday through Wednesday and looks like it'll be good weather. I'm guessing that you guys recommend Bogue Inlet pier over Oceanana? The reports are sounds better for BI. Don't have a boat so will be fishing from surf and pier.

Have any bull reds shown up around these areas?
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