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During this weekend while Randy was trying to tweak this splendid web site, my old computer crashed at the coast. After contacting him to check settings on his end, it was determined that my computer had crashed and I had serious problems here on my system.
After thoroughly searching my system , I found the problem developed while I was uploading some pictures of fish that I have recently caught.It appears that the size of these fish have overloaded my hard drive and memory.
I have already contacted Dell and have ordered a new computer with an increased memory and hard drive capacity. The tech people at Dell agreed with me that it was more than apt the pictures of fish that caused the problem and for sure I needed a larger system if I continue to upload and download pictures of fish of this magnitude.
Installing the new computer is going to be easy, but since I put those fish pictures on my old system, the weight has increased, its gonna take three men to haul my old one out.:D :D

For right now I'm taking my waders off and leaving for home.

Later, Forrest
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