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Anybdy got a hot setup for blackfin they would share? Thanks Al
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I sure do!

We caught ours last weekend on pink and white tuna feathers runnin 6 ft. behind a pink 5 1/2 inch Boone bird.

They'll also hit Carolina Yummee flyin fish as well.

Top water action/disturbance gets their attention and for some reason, pink/white was the color they wanted.
Thanks Dave, seems like pink and white along with green are the go to colors for tuna of all persuasions. A lot of other colors get it done but those seem to be the top choices. In all honesty I was wondering if anybody had found a plug that they couldn't refuse. I was thinking more along the lines of chumming behind shrimp boats. If your timing is right they will have a fine chum line going when you get there. Catch a few and go right on out and try dolphin ,YF etc. Most folks get up early and go straight on out to where they intend to start trolling. If you're lazy you can get another hr of sleep and still catch your friendly shrimper culling his last trawl. That breaks up the monotony of a long run. Problem is the shrimpers are rarely where you want them to be. They do tend to be where the fish are, which is where the shrimp are.
Oh yeah, plain jane cedar plugs, they work real good.

Yumme flyin fish are somethin ya might want to consider, we've had great luck with those. You can use the un-rig'd ones in a daisy chain with the trailer as a fold back wing kind... works really good.

Single bird rigs with tuna feathers, cedar plugs in plain, mahi, or mackeral color (old standby that works), green machine (which I havent had too much success with)....

We have daisy chain birds (up to 5 on one line before the trailer lure), teaser bar with squid bodies (Yozuri's) and even use them Yozuri bonita lures (which work really well too). We have a daisy chain 5 seven inch green/yellow squid combo with a pink/flash trailer that we just started usin.. so I have no feedback for ya on that.

The only thing we dont use is Mann's baits... for some reason all the Mann's baits I have just dont swim right.

Bust out the trusty ol cedar plug, if chunkin drop one back or even cast a plug out and bobble it back.

Sounds like yer ready to go play some "football"!! :D
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The green machine is more a bluefin bait. I've got one and it don't see any action these days but about the only time I would troll it would be winter . But I think I'LL sit that out. I don't like the idea of having to deal with the all the weather and regulations headaches in order to fish for something that is going to beat me up and make me sore for days. I have no buisness killing one with all of the blackfin and yellowfin out there . Same for bigeyes. Too much meat when they are grown-ups. I'll let the younger crowd have my quota. Hopefully they will have more mouths to feed than I do. A blackfin is more the size I need. Yellowfin are the size I would rather catch. Just old I guess. :) I used to think bigger was better.LOL
Well said Sinker man, I agree. Dont get me wrong, it's fun, it's tough... but it's "tough". You made me sit back and reflect of what we went through and heck, put the boat thru... man o man.... I'd rather drag a fat doe 3 miles to the truck thru the Uwharries than go out there in Dec-Feb to fight bluefin....

But dang if bluefin aint fun...... hard to explain...

We're gonna give it a go this season again, but, we also plan to hunt as well. We'll probably trailer the boat over to Morehead Thanksgivin weekend and leave it until mid Feb then bring her back for south spring fishin around Wrightsville/Cape Fear area.

Whooooo... I'm sore just thinkin 'bout it!!! :D
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