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Blewett Falls Lake

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What'it like at Blewett Falls Lake, I would like to try some were new?
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I have never fished it but I have a cousin that lives in Gibsonville that fishes it and loves it. If I am not mistaken there is a warm water discharge there. My cousin fishes it mostly in the winter. He mostly Bass fishes all the time and has given me good reports of Blewett.

Thanks LB,
I didin't go because I didin't get the report soon enough for tobay, but I will check it out.
If I draw a crcile around my house on a mape Blewett falls lake looks like it is about as close as any other lake on the Yadkin or Pee Dee so I would like to know as much as posible, like are the boat ramps good or bad, are there fish (well we are in North Carolina so there are fish) and where are they, is the warm water discharge from a nuclear plant? I was going to put in down by the dam on the west side how is this ramp?
Boldertoad I sold welding supplies to a company doing dam repair work underwater at Blewett Falls and was told one of the contractors underwater welders refused to go back down into the water as he said while under water a fish as large as was was swam right by him, paused and looked at him and swam off. He said it could bitten his head off.

Don't know if true or not but heard there were large cats in the dam area in the warm water.

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Ive seen a few huge catfish diving in flooded rock quarrys
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Is anybody cathching any fish at Blewett Falls Lake or under Pee Dee 74 bridge?
HELLO OUT THERE!!!! Just had back surgery for the 3rd time and waiting for DR's to turn me loose.Should be a couple more weeks.I cant wait to get back on the water!I'm trying to find out if anyone is catching ANYTHING AT ALL at Pee Dee or Blewetts Fall Lake.I live in Rockingham NC and soon as DR gives me the green light I am going to make a short trip just to get out and see how the back handles the water! I'M NOT looking for honey holes I am just wondering what to expect.Any info. on how the fishing has been will be GREATLY appreciated!
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