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I'll start by saying I've been visiting this site for several years and have found it to be incredibly helpful with great advice on all sorts of things. Thanks to everyone who takes time to post on here whether it be a fishing report, troubleshooting, recipes, gear reviews, etc.

OK, I have a 2005 16ft G3 aluminum jon boat (25HP outboard) with galvanized steel trailer that i purchased used in 2007. It was predominately used in the Topsail area prior to being purchased so has seen a lot of salt action. I mainly haul it to the coast 1-2x a year from Asheville and during the summer to Badin a few times so when it is on the road it is usually for at least a 3 hour or longer tour. All parts appear original on the trailer.

So I'm heading back from Topsail yesterday to Asheville and my rear hub explodes on the 20 ft trailer about 30 miles from Cary. I was going about 60 and able to quickly get off the highway. Thank God that no one was injured and the boat is fine. My brother in law lives in Cary so I had it towed to his house. He is very handy with tools and had already been to Northern Tool to get replacement hubs and new tire. According to him the spindle has signs of wear but thinks that it is usuable. He may have been to thinking more along the lines of just getting back to Asheville. He sanded it some and used a rubber mallet to get the hub on and said that it seemed a little harder to get on than normal but that was probably due to the wear of the spindle. We ran into an issue with the metal washer tab (tang washer) that is used in lieu of a cotter pin on this axle (spindle has a zerk fitting for grease). The existing tang tab got pretty destroyed when the hub exploded so we went back out to Northern Tool but they didn't have any. My brother in law got the new hub on while using the existing tang tab (just to see if everything would line up/work) but the hub cap wouldn't fit over the new hub. So it didn't seem like this hub was the correct size for the axle? Or maybe there is a special rubber cap I need for the hub because of the this type of axle with the zerk fitting in the spindle? With it getting late in the day we decided to leave the boat and trailer in Cary and come on back to Asheville and figure out a game plan and then head back down one weekend soon to repair the trailer when we had more time.

I know that I need to do some maintenance on this trailer (obviously!), new hubs/ leaf springs and need some advice.

Question 1) Should i buy a new axle or does this one still have life (see pic below)? The large looking dent is where the square edge of the tang tab fits so that appears to be normal. Money is a concern but I don't want to be stuck on the side of the road anytime soon. If so can anyone recommend a good deal on one online or a dealer near Cary? Assuming I need to buy a new one is there an advantage to staying with this type of axle versus one with a cotter pin (easier to maintain with zerk fitting?) It looks like Champion Trailer will build a #2000 one for about $200 galvanized. Does that sound about right for the price to expect?

Question 2) is there a particular type of hub needed to go with this axle or should any hub of appropriate size work?

Question 3) What is the best value of leaf springs? Should I just buy a pair at Northern Tool for about $30 a pop?

Question 4) Am I better off buying a new trailer or used trailer? I assume I could get all of this done for under $500 ( 2 new hubs, 2 new leaf springs, galvanized axle (if needed) and new tire) and that a new trailer would be much more. It seems like other than the hubs, leaf springs everything appears in good order with no signs of rusting other than some u bolts that I'm going to replace. Also my father in law lives in Greensboro and wants in on the action so i will have two capable sets of hands (engineers who like tools) involved to help with the repairs.

Let me know what you think and if you have questions and Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! Bicycle part Auto part Gas Metal Engineering

-Scott Workman
Asheville, NC

Red X Angler
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as long as you can get your bearings slid on that spindle you are fine. Even if you need to smooth it up with a flat file to slide them on. The center cap has to have a rubber plug you take out to access that zerk or be longer than standard. I would take the zerk out of both sides and replace them with a set of bearing buddies that will keep it easy to grease too.
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