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Bluefin Tuna Alert!!!

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TUESDAY 1-17-06: Just got the word!!! Mike at SUPPLY BOAT COMPANY has worked overtime just to get the "YEAH RIGHT" back on the water for the Bluefin Bite we have aquired here off the Southport Beaches.

Mike, what can I say? Thank you just does not seem like enough, you are a true professional and straight up guy, the boating industry could use a lot more like you!!!
Hopefully this is not just a fluke, if it isin't this will be one of the greatest events to happen here in a long time!!! Fluke or not, we will now be after the Bluefins this coming weekend.
Fishermen and fisherwomen, this is for real!!! You have never hooked anything like one of these powerful fish!! They have a way of destroying even the biggest and baddest of tackle!!! If you can go one on one to the finish, you can consider yourself in excellent shape with the stamina of a bodybuilder!!
This is hard to believe, but I think it has finally sunk in!! Bluefin Tuna at Southport, no more having to go to Morehead, no more having to have a bigger boat to reach these fish, no more having to risk life and limb on the shoals at unfamiliar inlets, it's right here in our own back yard!!!
Yes, I am excited, if this doesn't excite you then check your pulse, if you have one and your still not excited, you will need to call your local country club and get yourself a "T" time, because fishing is not your thing!!!
Now is the time to catch the Biggest fish you will probably ever catch. If not the biggest, then probably the most powerful, if not the most powerful, it will be the "baddest" thing you will ever set a hook in!!! So come on to Southport,NC and let us "HOOK YOU UP"!!!
FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog, says HI!!!!.
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ohh,, life and limb on the shoals... aint that the truth, I shiver just at the thought.

You go get'm Capt Butch!
If I remember right, there were reports last season that blue fin were out past FPS's, that's awsome. Heard some reports that some folks were boating blue fin in SC as well.

Wonder if its the global warming thing pushing their migration further south????

Catch'm up Butch, be safe out there
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