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I was just remembering one of the strangest days I had while fishing the rim canal around lake Okeechobee.
I was in a small alluminum boat with a couple friends fishing for pan fish and bass, when I hooked a small bluegill, thinking that this would be the bait I needed to hook into a lunker bass I proceeded to toss the little guy out near some reeds, it was not very long and my line started pullinh hard and as I tried to reel in I discovered that about a 6' alligator had decided to eat the fish and I knew this hook was history, well the gator started to roll and the line went slack so I started to reel in what I new was a bare line when the next thing I know the line goes tight again but this time I reel in a nice slab crappie.
Go figure. The two guys with me were as flabergasted as I and could not believe it, we decide that the gator either spit out the bluegill or it pulled loose and must have had a piece of the original minnow on the hook and the crappie just decided to grab it. Either way it sure gave us something to talk about Three different things with one bait.:cool:
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