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It’s mid December and the bluefish and trout seem to be in no great hurry to head south.

We started off Friday morning fishing the cape rock jetty. Before rounding the hook, tc took this picture of the distant lighthouse with the sun coming up, about 0700.

The skies were partly cloudy in the AM and the sea swell was noticeable at about 3 foot every 10 seconds or so, but the wind was light out of the NNE so the fishing was tolerable next to the rocks on the west side of core banks. The bluefish kept us busy but most were small, though we kept 4 nice sized ones for eating. There were about 20 boats on the rocks, some on either side. We fished on the south side. By 1100, we had only 1 speckled trout and 4 grays in the livewell to keep the bluefish company – threw several small grays back. With the breeze picking up and the fish turned off on the (now) flood tide, we pulled anchor and headed to another location to fish away the afternoon.

We had lines back in the water by noon and immediately started catching grays. There were a half dozen boats on the spot when we anchored up, some using live shrimp, some stingsilvers and bucktails, while at least one boat was using a variety of lures, including gulp shrimp. Most were catching fish now and again, though tc and I stayed busy as the bite and solid hookup typically came within seconds of our fresh cut bait reaching bottom above the 2 oz pyramid sinker. We had our limit of grays in short order and started culling. A few small blues were landed but most times, it was trout that found our bait first. tc caught and kept 2 extra large hogfish to go with the trout and blues in the livewell. We pulled up and headed for the dock about 1530 with a tank full of fish and another fine day of fishing on the Crystal Coast.

Just before leaving for the dock, a couple of young fellows and a younger, young fellow pulled along side our boat and asked instructions to get back to their boat ramp near Harkers Island. In the conversation, they said they were from Goldsboro and seen us out at the cape jetty in the morning and told us that the specks turned on heavy about 1200, shortly after we left. They couldn’t get any live shrimp (sold out) but had reluctantly bought some mud minnows instead. Fishing them just like live shrimp, they said they kept their limit of specks and guessed they released 3 more limits before coming in.


Images courtesy of my Pal, Chris (aka: tcfisherman)

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