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Boat Ramps at Falls Lake

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I want to fish the area of Falls Lake east of where it intersects Cedar Creek. I have two maps. Neither shows a boat ramp east of Barton Creek. Is there anywhere to put a boat in the water in that area? I want to fish the deep waters from there to the Dam. keep in mind I have a kayak that I want to launch at a boat ramp.
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Upper Barton is the closest ramp to the Dam, unfortunately!

I'm not aware of any other ramps to use, primitive or otherwise.
Nope Upper barton is as close as I have seen.... You might get a good backroads map and just ride around and see if there is a slick spot to put in....
I agree with the others. Upper Barton is the closest real ramp to the dam. You can get about a mile closer to the dam by launching at Possum Track where it crosses the water. It is possible there for a carry in boat, but not for a trailer. I have heard of kayaks putting in at Raven Ridge Road, which is less than a mile beyond the dam. Looks steeper there than I would want to deal with.

There is the ramp at the visitors center off Falls of the Neuse rd, where the lake patrol boathouse is. Haven't ever seen anybody launch there except the lake patrol and rescue squad, so I can't imagine its available to regular folk. Would be a really cool place to drop off a kayak.

The road above the dam is another remote possibility for the really desperate - but its a long carry down hill to the water, longer coming back uphill. Plus you've got to park a long way from there and deal with their limited hours. The Paddle Creek shop used to do evening paddles in that part of the lake and had an agreement to drop off a trailer full of kayaks up on the dam road while the visitor center gates were open. When folks showed up for the paddle, they'd carry the boats down to the water for you and then carry back up and stack them on the trailer afterward. A whole lot of work.
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