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Bonito 5-6-06

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Made it out this morning at the crack of dawn to try for some Atlantic Bonito. Never did see any on the surface nor birds working the water so we trolled some Yo-Zuri deep divers. BAM! That did the trick. Also caught some blues and a flounder. Had to call it a short day as I'm headed tot he west coast today, but it was a nice way to start the day!


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Sushi to go? Well at least you got to start the day off right. Have a nice trip. It sounds like it is going to be just a little bumpy on the outside for the weekend. AL
What size flounder & blues did you catch? My father took the boat out yesterday just south of Bogue inlet and fished the outgoing tide with no luck. I think they used Gulps, cut bait & shrimp.
Flounder were undersized - 12-13 inch. The blues where 15-18 inch. We caught the blues while fishing for the Bonito, didn't keep any. The flounder were caught in a marsh creek near Rich Inlet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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