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Breadman called me yesterday afternoon and told me the Bonito had arrived at Diver’s Rock out of New River Inlet. So this morning my buddy Taylor, Steve and me headed out there in Taylor’s boat, the Beast (that’s my nickname for it, great boat!).

Weather man missed it again, it was blowing harder with more chop and swell than they called for the night before. But it was doable, so we headed for some birds, pulling Yo-Zuri deep divers. After several passes we finally hooked up - a double header! Steve landed the first one and soon after I put the second one in the boat. That was it.

The fish were deep, none were busting on the surface, so we had to stick to trolling. We tried for two more hours with no strikes so we called it a morning and headed home. It was nice morning though, any time I’m fishing, I’m smiling!

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