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Sunday started out windy as all get out but by noon was slowing down so we hit the waves. Bogue Inlet was laid down pretty flat so we had a nice ride out. Passed a couple Navy ships on the way out doing maneuvers and a few pods of albacore which we didnt stop to mess with.

First stop in about 70-80 feet of water dropped some bucktails in and immediately started catching fish. After about 10 minutes the navy ship got close and the fishing just shut down, wierd. Moved on to other spots and had limited success at each. Couldnt get the Grouper to bite like we had hoped but we did have fun catching several species.

If ya have a few minutes heres some video of the day.


The ride back in was super smooth and we made about 45mph most of the way, hit 50 one time and the fuel consumption went down to 1.1 mpg lol so slowed back down. Coming in Bogue Inlet we never saw the shoals or water breaking over the shoals. In all my time here I have never seen this. Anybody else notice the super high tide? Was almost over the bulkheads at houses along 24 in Cedar Point.

A fun 1/2 day fishing on the beautiful ocean God created. Thanks Phil

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