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Bouge Inlet Pier 10/31 Report

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Arrived at 7:30 am. I thought on a Tuesday that would be early enough and with the low tide at around 9am I took my time gettig there. WRONG!! Left side of the pier was crowded enough that I'm not gonne be rude and push my way in just to stay tangled all day in other lines.
So, armed with bloodworms,fresh shrimp,fishbites a nice selection of jigs etc. I decided to wait it out on the right side ( which in my experience is the WRONG side of any pier I've visited on the coast. I found a spot across from the action.
here is what I saw...
Black drum, some very nice ones as well as some spot , small pompano, small flounder,small puppydrum and just about every kind of croaker, mullet, pinfish, puffer all small. Skates took over and hour before and 2 hrs after high tide. Surf bite remained decent all day. the "freckled fishies" were around in the 11 1/2 inch range and I saw one NICE stringer of 16" plus that came from the surf near by.
Surf fishers were abundant all along the area I could see from the pier but I didn't notice anything spectacular. Trawlers passed the pier several times and muddied the water but it cleared quickly. I caught Nothing! all day on the bad side of the pier nor did anyone else trapped there. I made it to the good side around 7pm and fished until 3am and caught over 40 small crokers, mullet, 6 nice big spots, 2 blues, 2 big crokers a puffer and 12 skates... Weather was nice and it was a pretty day (winds south southwest around 10mph) and night ( southwest wind 10-15 58 degrees) but not the best trip. I wanted to stay and catch the morning tide but my arthritic back had had enough. Just a beautiful day to be outdoors!
Then I come home and find this on my morning news!!!:mad:

Wednesday, the future of one of the last remaining fishing piers along the Crystal Coast is uncertain. A deal between the current owners, the Stanley family of Emerald Isle, and Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Company to purchase the land and pier fell through.:eek: That means Mid-Atlantic can't donate the pier to the town, in exchange for storm water management. For now, the Stanley family’s 15 acre tract of land and pier will remain on the market. The town, as well as the Stanleys, look forward to working with prospective buyers to continue their efforts to preserve the pier, and of course remove the ocean storm water outfalls.

:( Kinda takes the joy out of the experience......... I need a lottery win..... Keep on Fishin'!!
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Great report - thanks.

Sounds like you made out okay once you got on the left side of the pier.
left side in the fall and the right side in the spring
Yup - the SE wind brings the fish in the spring and the NE wind does the same in the fall.
Well that's good to know. Now it makes sense. I thought it had something to do with currents but I guess it is more migration patterns and temps. I love this site!
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