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bout got..

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run over saturday morning buy a moron in a wellcraft. i was burning all my lights and easing out of a no wake zone near flat swamp launch headed for the ifb run-err crawl- up stream. i was going no more than 5 mph when this idiot with no lights runing on plane. all i seen at 70 feet was a carhartt jacket 5 feet off the water. i yanked it hard over went between 2 docks.. he never slowed as i cussed his a$$ out. he blew thru under the hwy 8 bridge i heard the 30+ strong fog delayed tourny guys yelling at him..

i know this section of lake-flat swamp- very well. even my crazy a$$ was not going to run very fast in this suff.. this picture was takin 30-45 feet away from my boat..

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zooker--- May I recommend in addition to an emergency fly rod in your arsenal for bream, you may want to store a surf rod with 60 lb. line with a 16 oz treble grapple hook. Good for foul hooking flounder in the surf and idiots on the lake.

Later, Forrest
Unfortunately there are idiots like that everywhere you turn. Just glad that you came out of this near incident unscathed. As for the location that you were fishing,not familiar with it. Where was it and how was the bite? I actually got out yesterday morning also(Falls Lake). It was an absolutely beautiful day out,if you don't mind a little chill in the air. You are from that neck of the woods I believe? I really need to get together with someone who knows the lakes and ponds around here. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Let me know how you made out.
i live near lexington nc. i was fishing highrock..
as for how i done well
how about this.

and this lil feller

i caught a few nothing great but after the massive cold front friday night catching any thing saturday morning was and effort..

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glad you got out safe zooker, there are plenty of idiots on the water these days
Pretty much like driving on the highway. Defensive. BTW, have you seen the bass boat at High Rock with 2 150's on the back? Yes, 2.
you mean the 20 foot champion. with two 200 mariner moters?? yep.. know the guy he fishes the 101 tournys. ever see him fish from it?? he stands up front 5 feet off the water..

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