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My son and I core creek on sat morning and the water was high but the weather was beautiful. Got a good bit that got away and after a few hours we were wondering if we'd picked the wrong place to go. Of course you know what happens then, my 11 year old hooks something big and it just screams out the drag. Took a while to get it in the boat but he couldn't have handled it better and it weighed in at 10lbs even and 29" long. This bowfin puts our other one to shame. Fishing on cut bait and got a lot of snags but this one fish certainly was worth the trip and it doesn't matter that it was the only one we caught. We kind of looked at each other after taking the pics and releasing it and agreed that we doubt we would top that so it was just time to go. Thanks to some ncangler members for the advice, it was a trip we'll never forget and hope to catch that guy again in a few years when he's even bigger.


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