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2008 Bowfishing Big -10- Tour ▸ (this is in Western NC the lakes all are off I 40)
5 Shoot Tour across 4 Lakes
10hr shoot Φ each lake, Grand finally will be a 24 hour shoot
Tour Sponsored by: Bows & Ballistics.
And Brushy Mt Archery Club,
• Lake Norman (Long Island Boat Access) April 26th
• Lake Hickory (Love Lady Boat Access) May 10th
• Lake Rhodhiss (Castle Bridge Boat Access) May 24th
• Lake James ( Black Bear Boat Access) June 14th
• Grand Finally lake & date will be announced in June.

• Shoot starts at 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Final weigh in Φ 1:00 a.m. on Sundays
• Up to 3 man team per boat.
• $12.00 entry fee per shooter for each event.
• 10 fish max per boat. Keep in mind the grass carp limits. (Lake limit law applies)
• Fish can be any legal non game fish species.
• Cash prizes to 1st & 2nd place team.
• All local, state, & wildlife laws apply.
• Any public boat ramp access on the lakes are ok, and fare game to assess, but must sign in and final weigh in Φ designated boat assess.
Points Info:
• The team with the biggest fish in weight is awarder (5) bonus points. A tie will be settled by the length,
• (26) Points are awarded to the team with the most weight. (10 fish max)
• (20) Points are awarded to 2nd place team.
• (15) Points to 3rd place team.
• (10) Points are awarded to each team that weighs in from 4th place back.
• Pay off will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place teams at the end of the individual lake shoots.
Grand Finally:

Shoot starts at 6:00pm on Friday and runs till 6: pm on Sat. Sign in will start Φ 5:00 pm and will shut down Φ 8:00pm. Weigh in will start up at 5:00 pm on Sat. With prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams based on their total scores.

For more information or questions call: Andy Thomas 828-640-8422 David Sigmon: 704-902-4955 Matt Abernathy: 828-234-4563

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Hey Andy , are you aware the lake will be LOUSY with bass people this weekend? FLW tournament. May be up there in the yak some. Good newsis tourney is out of Blythe landing.
Think I got a new hotspot for you on gar. Try to remember to send you a pm on it.-----stu

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We had a great turn out 44 shooters 15 boats , thank to all that help.for more info Bowfishing Homepage we had shooters from age range of 10 years old to mid 50'.(this is a 10 fish limit) here are a few pic.
1.Ride'n Hight & Shootn Low 148.06 Big Fish 42.04
2.Carp Raiders 118.06 Big Fish 33.04
3.Team N.B.B. 116.0 Big Fish 22.04

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