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MONDAY, 3-20-06: There are four things in life that you don't brag on!! They are your wife,your children, your dog, and your ability to fish!!! This past weekend, my charter wanted some black bass, but, we couldn't catch them for the dog sharks. Well, today I had Walter Hudyma and his son Wally from DeMoine, Iowa and Ed Hudyma and Tim McNulty from Holly Springs. Well, these guys wanted a few black bass but mostly wanted sharks.

Sharks, no problem, I replied. We immediately left the dock and headed straight to the spot where all the sharks were. Not a problem, I just hope we can get a few bass before the sharks find us. We checked a few schools of fish and finally dropped down on some descent sea bass. We turned the boat around and got anchored up. Maybe we can catch a few of these before the sharks get started.

It wasn't long before we had two limits of bass in the boat, but, no sharks. I couldn't believe it, all the bragging about how sharks was no problem, and if I was a millionaire and sharks were 10 cents each, I couldn't have bought one!!!! We pulled anchor and went looking for sharks. Two days before today, you could not get away from the spiney dog sharks, today we did manage 5 sharks, but, I searched hard to get those!!! At my defense, I will add that we are starting into our transition time, one day warm the next cold, the fish say "should I stay or should I go" you know the drill, "here today, gone tomorrow"!!

Ever wondered why they are called Spiney Dog Sharks? Here's why: Of coarse it's obvious about the spines on top at the base of their fins giving them the name "spiney" as for the nick name "dog" that's because they school, or run in a pack, ie: "A pack of dogs" therefore the name "dog" add these together and you come up with"Spiney Dog Sharks", they are more commonly called "Spiney Dog Fish". As for the white spots on their sides, that's because that's the way the the GOOD LORD made them!!! Thought you might like that tid bit of info. I thought it was unique!!!

Your wife, your dog, and your fishing, bragg on either one of those and they will make a liar out of you every time!!!! But we still caught plenty of fish, had a good time, and made some more friends!! And before you go to bragging about how catching a particular fish will be no problem, remember this, there is a reason it's called fishing and not catching!!!Check out the pic's on our site under "FISHING REPORTS & CATCH PHOTOS" Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC. (910)845-2004

P.S. YEAH RIGHT CHARTERS has been asked to be a major contributor, writer, for a new Sportfishing Forum on the West Coast. This will place our web site on the West Coast based publication along with our own reports page/Captain's Page and our own rotating banners along with top listings in the search engines on the web. This will be a new adventure for us as we enter into a new form of reaching our clients that should prove to be an over whelming experience for us and our sponsors!! We are very excited about this opportunity and consider it an honor to have a web site that has drawn attention from a major Sportfishing Forum to be included on their site!!! It takes weeks sometimes months to build these sites. This site is in it's infancy, only being started being built a few days ago, however, you can get a sneak preview by going to and click on forums in the "news & info". section. Capt Chris and I can hardly wait until it is finished, it should be awesome!!!!FISH ON!!! Capt Butch

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The site looks interesting Capt. Butch. We're glad you're apart of our North Carolina fishing forum too! Thanks again for being an Angler Sponsor member. I'm working on a fishing reports addition to the site that I think will be unlike anything else on the web, but it is a ways off. I'd be honored if you were a part of it when we roll it out. I'll keep in touch.

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