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Braggin' a little

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Sometimes it's a trick to get my kids to go fishing. Finally got them out today though. They weren't too thrilled since it was hot under a muddy bridge without many places to explore. I caught a redbreast on the first cast, that helped. They chased little frogs and minnows with a dip net while making a few casts. I caught a few more small fish and even broke out the fly rod for a few close quarters casts. I decided to go to my trusty trick worm to see if I could tease up a bigger LM. About the second cast, I get a taker. Then I see my 9 yo son has also hooked up, only his seems to be pulling good. We got a good view as a big bowfin fought his way past us. I keep my little bass out of the way and coach him through the landing. Bowfins really like to flop around and this one was doing a great job of covering us in mud.
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That's my size 13 trying to keep us from getting muddier. My daughter got this shot during excitement, the camera was muddy too. At some point after landing it, the line broke. I couldn't find the lure and thought the fish swallowed it or tossed it. So after a quick measure, we let him swim away. Wow, that was fun. 25" and about 5-6#

We found the lure with 4' of line a few minutes later. I still don't know exactly when or why it broke. Here's the 1/4 oz jig (used to be white feathers). I've never had great luck with these jigs but he wanted to use it.
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He seems pleased with himself.
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Pretty sure this fish is the family NC record for length and weight. Son likes hearing that. I caught 5 fish but he outweighed me with his one. I wonder if they'll fight me next time I ask about going fishing? :D
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That's great... nothing like the pull of a good fish to feed the fishing bug. Nice catch!
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