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Fished the bridge on Wednesday, Dec. 29 looking for some specks for a friend's table. Arrived at bridge at 1830 hrs. Air temp was 62, water temp was probably in the mid-50's and clarity was middling (maybe 2-3 ft at best). Winds out of the S/SW at 4-6 knots. Fishing a 17MR SBG unweighted on 15 lb braid. First cast was bumped which gave me hope but didn't put anything in the cooler. Trolled down the bridge looking for where the fish were and although it took a while I finally found them. Unfortunately because I release anything over 22" I came up empty for the friend's table as I landed and released two bookend 24/25" (see pics) specks between 2043 and 2130. Plenty of other bumps but those were the only two solid hook-ups I managed. The stripers were taking the night off so I had to settle for citation trout...go figure!

Tight lines all!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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