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Broken lines, broken rods, and broken hearts on Upchurch

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Last week a friend of mine from school mentioned he wanted to get out fishing with me sometime. I talk about kayak fishing all the time and with an extra kayak in the garage it's an open invite to anyone that wants to come out and get on some fish. We settled on Thursday and everything looked like it was lining up for a great morning of fishing. We were getting out there around sunrise to catch the morning bite leading into a major activity period from about 8 to 11. Targeting bass and carp possibly some panfish if things really slowed down. In a few previous trips I had found the bass and gotten them to bite and the carp are predictable and very easy to catch. The bass are active early in the day and shut down once the sun gets up, then it's time to switch over to carp and pick them off around docks and in the shallows. When everything works out it makes for a great time catching.

I found out that morning it was my friends first time in a kayak and obviously his first time fishing from one. It's a blast taking first timers out for a totally new experience. We got on the water at little after 630 and headed straight to where I knew the bass were holding. Marked a few fish in the channel on the way out and the surface water was dead still. First fish we saw on topwater were carp biting in the strip of floating algae and vegetation over the channel. They would eat bread but couldn't get them to take a hook.

Finally moved into bass territory with the water level down significantly over the last couple weeks. Plenty of fish hitting topwater but not willing to hit a spinnerbait or a spro frog. A buzzbait probably would have done nicely. Finally with relatively clear water with a flat surface and bass in cover I switched over to the always reliable weightless trick worm. Letting it settle to the bottom with a couple sips of coffee then slowly retrieving it back and maintaining bottom contact. That did it and I put the first fish in the boat for the day. A 16" 2lbs largemouth that had a soft bite but put up a great fight.

He also gave away the pattern and I kept fishing that area. The wind started to pick up slightly and I stuck the kayak in some grass. Casting back through the grass I picked up up another soft tick on the line and set the hook into what felt like a snag until my snag started swimming left and taking drag. I started playing the fish and with hardly any effort the line snapped. I was fishing 10lbs braid main line with brand new 8lbs flouro leader tied on the night before. I had lost carp on this same spool of flouro before. I shook it off and tied on a fresh hook and worm. I worked another spot and felt another line tick and carry and set the hook into something with some size that immediately went into open water pulling drag. I got the fish to the surface where it came halfway out of the water with a massive head shake. It was easily the biggest bass I had ever seen, safe guess 6+lbs. My friend and I had some choice expletives which I kept repeating the entire time I played the fish. It went back down and I played it carefully knowing I had a real fish on the end of the line. Again with minimal effort the leader snapped and I just sat down and floated around for a minute. Still makes me a little sick to my stomach thinking about it. I cut off the leader and tied off to straight braid. We kept searching for bass with frogs in the thick mats and a little flipping and pitching but the bass bite had shut down.

So we headed over the old reliable carp spot. Ran into a couple other FAAN kayak anglers who had already hooked into a carp a piece. With our loaves of bread in hand we tossed a few chunks around the dock, tied on circle hooks, and baited them with bread balls. Soon enough the carp started slurping up floating bread and bread balls went in after them. They hit the falling bread balls like a freight train and it was on. I managed 4 good fish and my friend broke off 2, on 10 lbs braid, with a medium/fast spinning rod? He had his drag cranked down and was seriously overplaying the fish. Finally I tied on his last hook and loosened up his drag and he hooked into a solid carp that took off running drag. He leaned into it putting way to much bend in his rod and trying to man handle the fish snapped off his brand new Abu Garcia Vendetta below the second rod guide. The fish stayed on and we got it in the net at 19.5" and 3lbs.

And his first and only fish from a kayak. It was also a personal best for him in freshwater which took a little bit of the sting off losing a rod in the process.

Talking to some folks after it seems like that 8lbs Stren Flourocast is just a bad batch of line. It has broken off on every fish over 3lbs and I regularly fished 8lbs and 12lbs flouro main line all last summer. I'll be junking that spool and I've got a spool of 12lbs seagaur invisx I'll be using from now on.
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I have had the same experience with Florocast and wont ever use it again.

Gene - Red》X《 - Asheboro
Great report and sorry about the break offs that is such a sinking feeling...... Tried that line many years ago, lost several fish and never touched it again. I have always had good luck with BPS's flouro.....
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I broke one of my favorite rods a few days ago as well. Never fun. At least you go into some fish though!

Sent from my kayak...
Nice job getting on some good fish!!
I broke one of my favorite rods a few days ago as well. Never fun. At least you go into some fish though!
Last weekend I broke a month old 13 Black Omen spinning rod when it was laying across the front of my kayak and I caught the tip casting a crankbait across with a second rod. It was braced against the front carry handle and snapped right off at the second rod guide. Went out that day and replaced it with a Green Omen and got back on the water. No complaints with the rod it was my own fault. Luckily 13 Fishing has the Oops replacement where you send in your rod and for $50 they send you a new one. Gonna do that to get my Black Omen back and then trade up the Green Omen for a Medium Heavy and make it my inshore rod.

Also I hate to admit it but I learned a lesson the hard way. Do NOT handle carp with fish grips. I tore the bottom lips of a couple fish. Next time it'll be all thumbs and 2 hands to support them. Usually I try to handle the fish with one hand as best I can to make the picture taking go a little faster and fish grips are great for keeping a hand dry to work the camera phone but never again on carp.
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I know what you mean. I had the fish grips on a pickerel last year and it ripped the whole bottom portion of his "chin" area away....I still feel bad about that. Lesson learned...

Sent from my kayak...
Where are u catching the bass at on the lake. Upper or lower and when is better?
Nice post and thanks for the gratuitous location give-away-pic! Tight-then-broken lines are always a heart breaker and I know advice is a dime a dozen. I've caught several 4-6 lb bass and 4 carp (see profile pic) 20+ lbs on Trilene XL green 10lb mono. I swear by it. Would like to learn Upchurch a little more, being I live just 5 miles away and have only been on it twice.
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