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Got skunked at Buckhorn today. Last time I went, about a week ago we caught 15-20 white perch. But we went out at about 8am and stayed until around 11. Mostly cloudy but bright until about 1030 then it was all sun. Tried almost everything in my tackle box (which isn't a ton). Guess we just hit it on a slow day. Anyone got tricks to fish buckhorn?
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Don't know anything about it, but I will throw this out there. If that area has had as much rain as we have near the coast, then all that fresh muddy water, would make it harder for anyone to catch fish anywhere. That's not saying you can't, but it does add another layer of difficulty.

Wait a few days and give it another try. Hopefully someone will come along that can offer some specific advice.
I figured the rain would have an effect of the fishing, it has rained a lot lately!!
I've had hit and miss luck at Buckhorn. Been on the weekend and caught 30 bass and then the following weekend caught zilch and the weather was the same both weekends. Are you particularly looking for white perch? Most of the bass will be in deeper water trying to stay cool. I'd try texas rigged soft plastics, deep crank baits, and jigs this time of year. If you are looking for perch, stay towards the shallows with beetle spins and blue fox minnows. Or stick close to the dam with some cut bait on the bottom for some cats. There have been some nice ones caught out of there.
I fish for it all, tend to move around in the boat from deep to shallow and all around. If I see white perch schooling I will stop, but I don't go searching them out. Would like to catch a nice sized bass but I will keep trying everything. My tackle box got stolen out of my jeep 2 weeks ago so I'm trying to get a few things together to replenish it a little. I hate a thief. Thanks for the info!! I'll just keep trying.
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