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All this bad weather recently has prevented me from fishing. In fact, I have only caught two fish all year up to this point, and they were nothing to ride home about. I really need to get back on the water. I have been emailing back and forth with Capt Paul Rose about setting up a carp trip in mid summer so I am looking forward to that....and possible hooking into my first carp on the fly.

I have been messing around on my new vise the past two weeks. Here are a few photos of stuff I have come up with. I have no idea what half of them are, but they look buggy. Any tips or suggestions would be great. I am looking for new patterns for warmwater species. More specifically, catfish. I have yet to find a decent catfish fly.

Anyway, below are some pictures.
1. size 4 deer hair mini-frog with articulated legs tied on paperclips.
2. john montana style carp ticklers
3. "foam-***" cricket type bugs.
4. flying ant with hackle wings.
5. scud type thing
6. tiny backstabber
7. diver
8. first attempt at a stonefly nymph thing
9. i have no idea
10. i also have no idea

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The weather seems to get bad right when I have time to go out myself. Its actually been bad all year as it was like this during deer season for me as well.

Those are some nice flies! I really like black fly. I really need to start tying my own.

I have caught cats on the fly. Its the weighted streamers that work.
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