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I was out the other morning searching for Golden Bones(carp) on the fly. I ended up fishing one of the small "creeks" and hooked up(and lost) 2 of them. Not having done much fishing on Lake Crabtree at all, I am wondering if I am best served fishing these creeks for carp. I know they are bountiful in the lake itself, but don't know if fishing the main body of water for them would be a waste of time.

Thanks in advance!


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There are a handful of prior crabtree carp fishing how-to posts/reports. To my recollection, most seem to be from the fishing pier or that same shoreline along the main body of the lake. Give search a chance.

Here's one that gives some location info - more from pics in related threads.

Ha no kidding! Some people are surprised that you are fishing for them at all. Shame that more people don't bother, they are missing out.

Yep it was all the way down the road past the pier, but the pier is good too. As long as you prebait before hand or are using packbait the fish will eventually congregate.
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