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First off, sorry to everyone still waiting on info for a Triangle area paddle and fish. School has come down to the wire for me the past 3 weeks and I'll finally be done tomorrow. I've got lots to do afterwards in regards to kayak fishing stuff that I haven't been able to do this spring. My biggest thing is actually getting a legit website off the ground for KFNC instead of just a Yahoo Group.

Anyhow, Some people and I have gotten together and are planning a camping trip May 15-17th at Masonboro Island. We will paddle out, camp, fish, and even spend one evening offshore at Johns Creek. The reason we chose a Monday to Wednesday trip is for safety. There will be minimal boat traffic out there (which will also leave more fish for us). We talked about leaving from Snows Cut ramp which would create a little problem about vehicles. I'm not too big on the idea of leaving my vehicle there for that period of time. We'll discuss that a little more. We could even leave from CB State Park and add another mile to the trip.

It would be about a 4 mile paddle to an ideal camping spot. You'll need to bring water (grab a 24 pack of bottles from Wal Mart for about $5 and you're good), food (tuna, beans, etc...), tent, lanterns, BUG SPRAY, etc...

So, is anyone interested?
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