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Cape Codder making first trip to Avon

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Hi - I am nbew to this forum. I live on Cape Cod (MA). I fisk off a Mckee Marathon 19,.6 center console as well as from the beaches around Cape Code. I am making my first trip to NC to stay for a week ( in July) with a couple other families. We are staying in Avon. We will have 4x4 access to the beaches and woould lioke to do some fishing. I am looking for any local insight into good surf casting locations, any input on hot local bait/lures for stripers. I would also appreciate any info on local shore guides we could hire to show us how to fish the area. Most info on the site is related to charters...thanks for any help you can provide.

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Welcome to the club Owen. I think u will like it. stop in frank and frans tackle shop and ask, they will point you in the right direction.
Hey Owen,
I don't know much about the Avon area, but I think most of our stripers will be summering up near Cape Cod by July. There's a resident population of smaller fish in some of the rivers - esp near New Bern.
Howdy, and welcome aboard.

You might want to look up and see if they can refer you to a guide. They're in Buxton, the next town south of Avon. While you're out there, I'd recommend a trip out to Cape Point, in the shadow of the lighthouse, if for no other reason than to say you'd been there.

Remember to check on the off-road driving regulations when you get down here. They're being hotly contested in the courts even as we proverbially speak.
Welcome to the site, good luck on your NC trip......Chris
Check the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center for guide info. I can recommend Rock Solid Fishing , he charters inshore and offshore. His prices are very reasonable.
Welcome. I hear the fishing up near you is starting to heat up. Lots of trout and bass being caught.
Frank and Fran's is right in Avon, and those guys are great! Check out the cabinet of collectables in the might be surprised how many of those things you might have used over the years!

Red Drum is down in Buxton, a must visit if you head down to Cape Point or the south facing beaches.

Can't offer much more than that...I usually go down there in Spring or late fall...can't afford the in-season rates!

Hope you enjoy the trip!
Welcome aboard

tight lines <*)))))>{
Welcome. I hear the fishing up near you is starting to heat up. Lots of trout and bass being caught.

I have heard reports of a few herring in the runs and some winter stranded bass that never MADE THE TRIP SOUTH. iT WILL PROBABLY BE 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE MACKEREL ARE IN AND THE BIG BASS HOT ON THERE TAILS...CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH....
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