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Hi gang
Had a pretty strong turnout today at Cape Fear Kayak's tournament series event at Ft. Fisher. About 10 boats or so, and a lot of breeze. On the way back in, pretty much all we had to do was steer. But I'm still working on the ibuprofen from the paddle out.

The big fish of the day were 15" drum and trout. The flounder category ran from 14" down to palm-sized.

And get this -- I DIDN'T CATCH ANY STICKS! Got hung up in grass and oysters a couple of times, but no sticks. Just that 15" trout and a 13" flounder. What in the world do you do with those??

Hey PH -- thanks for that electric chicken -- the trout hit it while trolling back in. The flounder and an 8" trout were caught on gulp shrimp.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics -- that's one of the challenges on a kayak, once you use hands for the rod, paddle, and fish, there aren't many hands left for a camera. I think druminator got some, I expect they'll probably show up on

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