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Headed to the cape Monday with my friend Jim. I was trying to get him on his first cobia so we started soaking frozen menhaden and chumming. Before I could get all three rods out one reel goes off and we have our first fish on. The fish comes right to the boat and I tell Jim I'm not going to gaff him yet. That turned out to be a mistake I touched him with the gaff and he went straight down pulling the hook and gave me a parting shot with the 4 oz lead. Within minutes we had a second fish on which also pulled off. I was telling Jim that we were just having some bad luck with the hooks pulling. Nothing for a few more minutes and Jim decides it's time for breakfast and pulls out a banana. We have a talk about this and the banana goes over board. Then we have a double and Jim pulls up a ray so I assume I have one also. I am really putting the heat on to get my ray to the boat when I see its a cobe. I hand the rod to Jim and after a few minutes he brings his first in the boat at 27 lbs. Nothing but rays and sharks for the rest of the day.

The next day headed out to the same spot with David on board this time. No love from anything but sharks until the bait was gone. Went looking for bait and fish but nothing after a couple of hours. Saw some Spanish so started trolling and picking up plenty of blues and Spanish. David was busy in the back of the boat with both rods going off. I had to stay at the wheel to dodge all the boat traffic so I wasn't much help. Manages to pick up 10 keepers for the box and headed in.


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