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Carolina Beach Fishing

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Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am new to fishing. I will spend most of my summer days down at Carolina Beach so fishing is going to be a big part of my day. If anyone has any ideas of good fishing down there please give me a reply. Email Kevin

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Welcome to Kevin! Glad to have you aboard. Pier or surf fishing is good. I'd check with the local tackle shop when you get there for best times of day and bait to use. Lots of charters down there of course if you want to go that route. I'm sure some of our members that fish that area will have other ideas. :)
Hi, My Name is Kevin and I am somewhat new to fishing (6 mos). I will spend most of my summer days at work, wishing I was at Carolina Beach -- or anywhere -- fishing. :D

Welcome aboard!
Hi Woodstock - welcome to the forum.

There is great fishing at CB - like NC Angler said, the piers and surf are good. Also there is some great fishing in the sound, Cape Fear River and of course Snow's cut.
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