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First time post! I usually keep a fishing journal but figured might as well share it so far. Hit the coast with my kayak beach side out of Freeman Park in Carolina Beach. Saturday morning was anywhere out to .10 of a mile off the beach. Mullet were taking shrimp off of bottom rigs every now and then, nothing touched my cut bait. The real action was with bluefish, as they pretty much went after anything gold. Maybe anything at all, but hey, I wasn't gonna fix something that wasn't broken. Lost a Gold Johnson Silver Minnow Weedless Spoon within 10 minutes the action was so hot with the blues. Didn't have a leader....rookie mistake. They continued to hit a gold gotcha jig with an orange head, fished at a moderate retrieve. Hooked 8, got 5 to the kayak. Nothing huge but hey it was a blast.

Nothing caught from the surf all day long, except a pretty sweet buzz... Had shrimp and 2 bottom rigs.

Went out again in the kayak later that evening to the same spots. Winds picked up of course and I drifted a bit. No blues this time, used a gold and silver gotcha jig. 2 sea mullet on a fishfinder rig with shrimp. Nothing on the bottom rig.

Anyways, hope to hit it hard again next weekend. It's addicting.
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