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I figured a report about what I'm doing and NOT catching anything will maybe eliminate a few options for everyone else. Or the surf was just a miss this weekend. Anyways, I started on Friday from the surf with 3 poles, one with a pompano rig, one with a fish finder rig, and the last a standard bottom rig. Bait fish were plentiful and gulls were eating their fair share, more often than not after 10-20 minutes I had to refresh my bait. I used shrimp and cut bait to no avail. Went out in the kayak at varying distances, anywhere from 50-200 yards off shore and tried gold spoons, silver jig fish, and a white gotcha with a red head. No luck either. Tried all different speeds and methods of retrieval as well.

Woke up around sunrise and headed out in the kayak again to fish the same thing as the previous night. Water was super calm and it was nice to be out on the water. Water was very clear. Fished the same as above hoping for at least a stray bluefish to bite but again, nothing. Tried all day in the surf, nothing. Evening kayak session and nothing. Finally I figured I at least wanted to catch something, so I dropped a mullet filet about 200 yards out and pulled in an Atlantic sharpnose. Folks at the camp sites around me thought it was cool and I didn't really tell em how easy it was to hook those things.

Weekend could have been worse. I'll give it a few weeks then venture out again to see what's up.
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