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Carolina Beach

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Down in Carolina Beach for the week, small update on what I've seen in case any are interested. Unfortunately no big fish stories. Saturday showed up and the water was emerald green and slick as glass, Sunday proved the same. I was unable to fish Sat or Sun but was ready to hit it this morning. . . . . and once I woke up and saw the wind was blowing 20mph out of the NE I knew right away the surf would look like a mud puddle. It did. The wind died down a bit right before sunset and was able to dig up a few fleas (most small) but found one large enough that it might entice a drum. Sadly no luck. Having to use 4 oz spider weights to stay on bottom. Hoping for a little better chances later in the week, I heard tale they were catching spanish off the Kure pier last week, who knows maybe water will clear and I'll get lucky. If anybody has any reports of better fishing nearby please reply or PM me. Tight Lines everyone!
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Fishing from the piers in topsail has been really nice from what I've been hearing.

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If you get some shrimp and fish the surf the flounder are thick, although most are just undersized, its something to keep you busy we caught over a dozen this Sat in a few hours. Who knows you might get lucky and catch a keeper.
The topsail piers especially surf city are killing the big Spanish. They should be around Carolina beach too
If you're still at Carolina Beach (the State Park, I assume) on Saturday, say "hello"... I'll be the giant with the herd of boy scouts in tow.
Best surf fishing on the whole island is at Fort Fisher. I've fished that island from one end to other. I go straight to Fort Fisher.
It's why I always rent condos in the last set of condos before going into Fort Fisher. It puts me right there on top of the fishing.

biglenr, yall have a good time. Maybe you'll catch some fish.
If ur around Friday night I'll b on the pier. Please keep me updated on the fishing as the weekend approaches...thank u
I've never driven on Ft Fisher, Drum Runner. How's the sand? Any tips for driving out there?
Soft in spots. The on ramp is treacherous if you aren't aired down. The turn onto the beach is the same way.
Down on the south end it can get pretty bad because that is where the jerks go to show their *** in their big 4x4's so they keep the sand torn up at times.
The key is airing down.

But most of the time I'm not driving on the beach. I'll park and fish. There is good bottom structure all around there.
Thanks for the quick reply. I wonder if 15psi in a 4runner would handle it. I guess we'll find out.
Thanks for all the replies guys! I haven't caught anything in the surf. @Drum Runner I will def head down to fort fisher and give it a go thanks for the input I know exactly which condo's you are referring to. I went down to Kure pier this afternoon around 3:30 and threw a gotcha plug (chart with red head) for an hour managed one 15" spanish and two 10" or so blues, great fun on light tackle, the spanish even managed a little drag run. @Billybones555 I rarely fish the pier at night (like the surf at night something mesmerizing about it) but I might make a trip down and try to stop in for a chat, you cant miss me...sandals, blue bandana skinny as a bean pole. Tight lines to all! I'll update any changes as the week continues!
@ biglenr unfortunately I am not at the state park, but if in fact I do see a giant with boy scouts in tow I will say hello!! Always nice to meet fellow anglers!!
Hate to thread jack but I'll be at fort fisher fathers day weekend. What will be biting? Newbie to the salt. Thanks
mullet, croakers, pompano, bluefish, flounder, red and black drum- should be wide open !
Yes sir...either way u let me know n we can meet up. Have u tried snows cut
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