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Carpin on the Flat River

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Tried my hand for the first time carp fishing. I looked up on YouTube how to mix a pack style bait and how to tie up some hair rigs and also a DIY feeder.

Carp were easy to find, just look for them splashing in the shallows. I ended up hooking one but lost it at the boat.

I know in Europe that carp fishing is a science so my rigs were rudimentary at best. I did manage one though. I am going to make some changes to my rigs and buy some real feeders.

Any carp people out there post up what works. I’m going to keep trying it because they are good fighters and there certainly are an abundance of them.

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Round two for the carp. Hooked one and lost it and caught a bunch of small channel cats. I mean a bunch. Couldn’t keep ‘em off the bait.
Still have a bunch of homework to do.
Try using fake corn (you can buy on amazon) instead of real corn as the bait on your hair rig.
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