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Cast Iron and Gas Burners / Fish Fryers ...

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As promised a few months ago i dug out some of our old cast iron. i really have no use for it and i hate to see it rusting away in the barn. All the cast iron will need to be wire brushed and cleaned and re seasoned. I have about 20 pieces ranging from small skillets, flat iron, large skillets, and several dutch ovens... one of the dutch ovens is missing a lid and there's and extra lid for a larger dutch oven that i can't seem to locate.

I also have some gas burners / fish fryers / turkey fryer burners for sale. One is a folding 2 burner stove, one is a short single burner and one is a taller single burner. All have regulators and should work but i have never personally used them. they were my grandads and he passed away a few years back. I also have some replacement burners for them.

Would like to sell all cast iron as a lot or everything at once would be nice but may break up. just trying to clear some room in my barn.

single burners $25 each obo, double folding burner $75, replacement burners $5 each or everything for a $100 bill

cast iron I'm thinking $100 for all of it but i really don't know the value. I have tons of large stainless steel and aluminum pots used for crab boils and turkey fryers as well... will sell them if anyone's interested. Keep in mind all this stuff was used outside at my grandads hunting/ fishing camp and is dirty. will need cleaned and re seasoned.

Located right off hwy 17 in williamston. face to face only no shipping.

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I am in for $100 on all the cast iron.
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PM sent specks got first dibs. just let me know when you can make it to my neck of the woods...
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