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Catfish Rigs

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Anyone have pics or illustrations of rigs for catfishing? I'm intending on trying to catfish some in the near future. Went Friday night but the guy didn't know what he was doing that I went with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I usually use a basic Carolina Rig, when fishing hook and line. Which is just an egg sinker large enough to barely hold line on the bottom, over a barrel swivel and then 18 - 24 inch leader (mono) to a 1/0 to 3/0 hook.

I have also used a simple bobber set up like you would you for panfish, but use cutbait. I usually try to keep the bait within 12 inches of the bottom.

I've been using Store-bought catfish bait lately and have not been real impressed. I think chicken livers and gizzards or dead baitfish (cut, fresh or frozen) are still the best bet. I bought some new stuff this past weekend to use next weekend, though. I'll let y'all know how it works.

The other method is the jug/noodle fishing. It's described in this post.

BUT...Seabiscuit and I made ~25 noodles and 2 catfishing trips - So far 25 Noodles + 2 Trips = 1 catfish and real stinky hands.:rolleyes:

That's an easy sounding rig. Went to a site and he was saying all types of stuff and the dumb jock came out in me. :confused: Thanks for clearing this up for me.
There are a couple private catfish ponds near my house. We(the guys) usually get together alot on Fri. or Sat. night for our summer catfish tournaments. Entry? $1. Prize goes to the biggest fish. It's more for the fun of it and some bragging rights. Bait? Hot dogs are the favorite. Rigs are simple, hook and sinker.(sometimes with a float) Another tactic. A balloon float. Start with the ultra-light or fly rod cathing small hand size brim.(excellent bait) Hook him and throw it out with the balloon float. It usually doesn't take long for things to get started. Good luck.
this time of year you catch a mess of lil ones on bottom. i use big corks for live bait crappie corks for frozen shad. i fish down no more than 6 feet no less than 2 feet. no weight on dead bait rigs, 1/4oz on live bait rigs. the warmer months the big fish will feed on or near the surface. in tillery i would dead drift from wood run to cooks than again near the dam.. i use jugs also..


Thanks a lot zooker. I knew I could get some good advice on here.
Ballon rigs?

Anybody use ballon rigs? Got any details on how to rig 'em? Read an article online about A guy doing from an anchored boat, but I'm sure is would work from shore as long as the wind was to your back. Thanks.
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