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Catfishing near raeford nc

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Looking for a place that has good Catfishing near raeford nc I prefer lakes or ponds but rivers are ok as well
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Head over towards Fayetteville and hit the Cape Fear River. Some nice ones caught there. For Lakes try Waldo's Beach/Upchurch Lake.
If your able you get on post Wyatt, Lower Mckellars, Mott, Kiess, an boundary line all have some really good fishing but the first 2 mentioned are great for catfishing. The cape fear from what I've heard is pretty good I've fished it a couple of times and didn't have much luck could have been location though I've had friends catch flatheads up to 45+ lbs on live bluegill. I usually fish on post pretty often with awesome results!!!
There is a state maintained lake NE of town on June Johnson Rd. near the airport. Although I do not target cats, I am under the impression since it is state maintained, it would be stocked with Channels. Plenty of bass (small) and Jack.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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