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my name is scott, just moved from SC and I am looking for freshwater catfish. I am in New Bern. Anyone got any suggestions for me? I am starting to go crazy, I need to fish. I fished the santee cooper lakes while I was in SC, if any one is familar with that area than you know that I am looking for BIG cats, flats and blues.
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Can't help you with the catfishing in your area but did want to say hello and welcome to NC Angler!
The state record flathead (i believe that was the species) came from the Cape Fear river. It is well known for 40-60 lbs being pulled out on a regular basis.

Welcome to the site by the way.
hey scott welcome to the site
I guess you could try the trent river there in new bern. never fished it but alot of people fish around there
Welcome to NCAngler. Most of the rivers once you get west of the salt water have catfish. Tar, Roanoke, Cape Fear, and Chowan. I stay out of the Neuse. The lakes also have a good population of big cats. Kerr, Gaston, Jordan, Badin, and Norman are all possiblilities. I don't fish much for them anymore, but I used to go up to Kerr and Gaston to do a little night fishing with a campfire and a nice comfortable chair. 3 or 4 friends make it a blast to fish and tell lies while you wait for a bite. Good Luck.
What about the Catawba? I haven't tried it yet but was thinking about it...
What about the Catawba? I haven't tried it yet but was thinking about it...
Hello, I'm new to this site also. I've caught some cats right up ther in Larson creek park not too big around 12 in, but where there is little cats there has to be big ones, I was using worms,maybe with some catfishbait bigger ones can be caught. the water is brackiash there caught some small fluke there plus i've seen some crabs. but ther is plenty of small sunfish & river spots there. that's the trewnt river right there.
bob K.
thanks for the help, went out tonight and found a decent spot on the trent. I got a 36# flathead.
Nice one. I'm glad you found a spot. I am not very familiar with the Trent, but it looks great. I really like New Bern and at one time thought about moving to live there. I've stayed at a couple of the hotels along the water front there and enjoyed it.
Hey Scott. Welcome to the site and congratulations on your catch.
Love to see a picture if you have one. Good catch!
thanks for the help, went out tonight and found a decent spot on the trent. I got a 36# flathead.
I miss the Santee Cooper. There is decent fishing to be found in NC but I dare say the Ole' Santee beats it for freshwater!! I grew up spending my weekend nights in an old Galaxy trihull with Mom and Dad in the Diversion Canal between the lakes eating cold hamburgers and catching monster Bluecats to the "whirring" huff of an old Coleman lantern... good memories...!!!
The one time I went to santee cooper thee were trot lines all over the place and dead cats floating. Maybe I need to go back and get this memory out of my mind if it is different now.
I haven't been back in 20 yrs Coach, I'm sure time has left it's scars... I know it has everywhere else...
Welcome Scott and nice job on the Trent!
How true Sundrop. Once a place is popular, man can destroy the beauty and quality of whatever he touches. I remember my wife's grandfather talking about going to to the lakes (Santee and Moultrie?) fishing for those huge cats. He loved that place. Coach/Sundrop, I was in the mountains recently and in a backcountry camp site for a few days. I found broken glass bottles, shell casings, plastic jugs, beer cans all around the grounds. Refrigerater and a freezer thrown over the side of an overlook. Trash floating in the streams. Makes me sick what lack of respect for other people and the outdoors some people display. I'd like to catch them in the act. I know that sounds mean and aggressive, but God gave us this place to have dominion over. He also wanted us to work in it, and show that we could do it. Why would he give us any more prosperity if we can't take care of what we already have been given? I get real worked up about the stupidity of some folks...they are taking in good air.
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I understand slowriser. I hate going to a lake or pond and seeing trash thrown all over the place. My friend and I have said that the next time we go to rhodes we're going to pick up some. If everyone on here would simply take a trash bag with them the next time they go out and fill it even half way up it would be a great start.
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