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CB Inshore Challenge

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Just registered for the CB Inshore Challenge Sept 13th. Anyone else on here heading down then? We're heading down early and fishing Friday to try and find some hot spots or just empty a few cans. I've been reading the reports around the area, but didn't know if anyone had any insights on what spots tend to be hotter this time of year? ICW, lower Cape Fear(Reds), Snows Cut(Flounder), or maybe head north up the Cape Fear? :D
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Whelp fished in the CB Inshore Tourney this past weekend and we didn't have as much luck as we were hoping. The day before caught 2 Reds before I even got on the boat right off the dock. Tourney day headed down to the lower Cape Fear for most of the day and fished the flats and came up empty, but my bro in-law did have something hit hard on a live shrimp but I think he tightened his drag to tight in the excitement and snap never will know what that was (I'm convinced it was a Drum only cause we could hear them in the grass all around us). After we fished most of the day down south we tried Snows Cut and did not get a bite so we fished some docks in the ICW and got 1 small flounder... Didn't even weight it in cause I knew from previous tourneys 4lbs or more would be needed. after the tourney we headed to the inlet cause we heard there was some "Old Drums" lurking around but all we found was blues, blues, and more blues... Maybe next time!!!

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Blues were right at 18
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Hey, least it wasn't a shutout. Are you in the Texs' Tackle tourney? Should be a competitive trout division the way they have been biting all year. Good Luck.
Yeah that's true. Nah probably wont be in any more Tourneys until next year. Good luck to you as well!
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