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Hey all, I know this is late notice, but I couldn't post here until I had a close head count. I am hosting a charity kayak fishing event for my friend who is 27yrs old, who was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The tournament is Saturday, July 12th. It is a $50 entry, $20 of that is going towards the donation. We are fishing for bass, 3 fish limit, on the NC Catawba river, out of Bobby's launch. Cmon charlotte guys! 1st place is looking close to $300, plusssssssss.......I got Hoo Rag to donate rags for all the fisherman. If you fish, you get a free PINK Hoo rag, a free awesome sticker I had made, big fish wins $100 to use at Hunt Fish Paddle, we will have a random draw for a gift card to Get Outdoors in Greensboro, and the two smallest fish will win a special print hoo rag each.
be at Bobby's at 530am, 6am launch. It is $2 to launch there.
weight in, is at hunt fish paddle at 4pm.
basic CPR kayak tourny rules, identifier, mouth closed, whole fish in pic, no live bait, no wading, no motors, etc.

you need a ruler, camera, $52, and some skills! Hope to see you there.
If you have questions, text me..
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