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I don't know anything local to Charlotte. NCAngler is the first club I'd recommend. :D If you'll notice our kayak-fishing map, NC Angler Fishing - Maps - NC Kayak Anglers and Canoeist Members, we've got quite a little armada within a county or so of there.

There's also a yahoo group named KFNC -- as in, Kayak Fishing North Carolina -- that exists to help people meet up and fish together, much like the Connections forum here on NCAngler.

The last thing I might recommend is to stop by Provision Company or some other local outfitter and ask around. You might be able to find a paddling club that you can talk into fishing once in a while... or maybe find two or three paddlers who want to fish...

If you're ever up for a jaunt to the coast, by all means, speak up here. And if you can pencil in a date for June, Druminator's hard at work on the second annual KFNC Meet'n'Greet. It'll probably be at Fort Fisher (although other locations are being considered) on one of the last two Saturdays in June.

Whatever you do, please don't be a stranger here on NCAngler.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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